Mohamed Elgaar

Ph.D. Student
Computer Science
UMass Lowell
Lowell, Massachusetts

melgaar [at]


I am currently a member of the Computational Language Understanding (CLU) Lab in the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Before that, I received my BS in Computer Science from KAIST.


Mohamed Elgaar, Jungbae Park, Sang Wan Lee, Multi-Speaker and Multi-Domain Emotional Voice Conversion Using Factorized Hierarchical Variational Autoencoder, IEEE ICASSP 2020 [Paper]


Mohamed Elgaar, Jungbae Park, Methods for Emotional Voice Conversion, Korean patent (10-2277205)


KAIST College of Engineering Innovator Award (2020)

Projects and Paper Implementations

Emotion Conversion in Speech
[English Demo (web page)]

Human Tracking with RGB/Depth Sensor

Commit Message Generator

WGAN-VAE Combination for Multimodal Dialog Generation